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Escort Girl EuphrasieThank you for stopping by! I am a French companion, living in London, Uk. I took up casual escorting as a mean to meet gentlemen who have the will and the openess to live something different with their sexuality and their spirituality combined. Through escorting and companionship, I would like to develop a special relationship with you and at the same time as me being caring and open, I would like you to be yourself, true and relaxed, in my company.

The way I work uses therapies like Healing and Reiki, as well as massage and some Tantric methods. It is to help you reach a deep relaxed state as well as expanding towards your potential as a sexual and energetic human being. (potential that is enormous, but is often reduced with our stressful-not so healthy lives) I include healing as part of my girlfriend experience and companionship, because I always wanted to provide a different service for sensitive and open minded gentlemen, who want to have erotic pleasure together with deeper emotional and spiritual experiences.

Being of service fills me with joy and peace, and more importantly, is going to be a wonderful experience for you. Healing is another form of universal love, which helps to take away the stresses of life, recharge, and to get more in tune within yourself. I am very interested in emotional health, but also always wanted to discover the secrets of pleasure, turn-ons, sensuality, and sexuality, and the two things are very linked together. So to be able to do escorting, whilst using higher energies, healing, and some tantric techniques,(slow caressing is my favourite) is a dream come true! And I hope you will give yourself the opportunity of experiencing it too! It is why I can only work with very few people who will recognise themselves as they are reading this… If looking around my site makes you feel some joy, hope, peace, understanding or strengh, it means you are on the right path, and I would love to meet you! But if you discovered this website, searching for basic gratification, please go elsewhere, as many other people will be able to fulfill this for you, but I will not. I like my companionship to be beautiful and caring, with a connection.

About Euphrasie, London based independant escort

Nationality:: French, but lived in the Uk for quite a few years.

Languages: English, French, and a bit of Spanish

Height: 5″5 (1.65m), Dress size: 8, AGE: 29, Measurements: 32″-22″-34″, Weight: 7 St (45 kg), Eyes:Brown; Star sign, Cancer.

Smoking: I am a non smoker but do welcome smokers who are considerate.

Occupation:Reiki Therapist and alternative therapy student. Pass time: ¬†escort at Blending both of what I love…

Hobbies: Healing, massage, Tantric and energy learning, spiritual activities, dancing (all kinds, but stripping particularly!) naturism, crafts, computing, cars, cooking, ethnic shops, books, comedy, gardening, birds. TV is not in there because I haven’t time to watch it…Too many beautiful things to do, in life!

My loves: Human touch, getting to discover other people, understanding desire, the search for inner peace, finding spiritual truth and understanding… Learning about magic things.

Favourite foods: Organic, fresh, green, grassy and vibrant foods… I love fish but hardly eat meat.

Favourite restaurants: Organic, Lebanese, Brazilian, South Indian, Continental-modern. (restaurants where you find lots of vegetables, basically)

Drinks: I enjoy a nice room temperature glass of mineral water any day! I do not drink alcohol. I never really liked the taste of it! (shame , because the effects of moderate drinking are nice!)

Luxuries:I do like indulging on natural therapies, organic food, chemical free make up…. And one day, I want a car that I can paint all over… And definitely if it’s an expensive one! It has to be covered! With wild 60’s polka dots and flowers. Or fish. Or period dresses, or naked men. Or whatever I will fancy. You will be able to even write your autograph on it.

Real luxuries: I am not into the whole high class designer garments things. I think it’s a bit of a waste, when there are little independant designers-artisans out there which aren’t exploiting China and probably aren’t in the glossy lipstick magazines, but are much more exciting to shop with. And if you want to spend, they can sometimes be expensive too! (just tell them you are coming)

Flowers: I love them all… Particularly wild flowers. My favourite is the one that grows on top of the Himalaya… Or the simple beautiful one that grows on the wall in your back garden.

Turn offs: Men who drink too much, who wear too much deodorant or aftershave (brrrr), manipulative people, and anyone that delays giving me my companionship-escorting fee!

Turn ons: Respectful and kind,sexy gentlemen who are true to themselves and to me, who like flirting, hand touching, light massages, caresses… And who also like interesting conversations about history, health, the world, their view of spiritual aspects of life, their new computer(as long as they explain), their favourite football team…anything really that is a passion to them, I will melt in!